About us


Thanks to the advancement of technology and the World Wide Web, it has become a lot easier to study anything from home. This also stands for learning the Holy Qur’an. Now you can avail the opportunity to learn the Koran online while sitting at home.

What Is Learningquranlive.com?

Learningquranlive.com gives you the chance to study from home through online classes that are very productive as well as convenient. With the assistance of trained online educators, you can learn the methods associated with recitation of the Quran along with tajweed principles. We have courses drawn together for students of all age groups. Regardless if you are a beginner at Arabic language or have some concept of reading, you can choose to learn from scratch for potential improvement.
As a traditional way of learning the Quraan, people hire tutors and Qaaris. Of course, a live expert is a great way to enhance pronunciation and reading techniques. However, with our online classes, we assure you that you will not feel incompetent about your recitation skills. The entire process will be just like having a tutor at your home.

We have employed highly capable and learned professionals to help us shine the light of Islamic learning all over the globe. Upon registering for a course, you will be assigned a specific tutor. You may choose the timing of your online session as per your comfort and ease. Our teachers are available round the clock for the satisfactory time selection of our customers.

What Courses Are Offered?

The learningquranlive.com platform is exceptional for kids and all family members, too. Available courses include:

•    Basic Islamic Knowledge
•    Basic Quran Reading
•    Qur’an Reading with Tajweed
•    Hifz Quraan (Memorization)

These can be adjusted according to your learning abilities and time frame for covering the entire course. You can also choose more than one course in sequence. For those who would like an introduction to Islam first, we would prefer the Basic Islamic Knowledge course. It is an ideal collection of topics especially for new Muslims (newcomers to Islam).

What Do I Need?

Anyone situated at any part of the world can access our online learning school. The only prerequisite materials include: a computer, headset and internet connection. You will not require any reading books or written documents for any of the courses. Everything will be provided to you by your tutor via Skype or some other online communication software.

How Can I Register?

Once you have decided to learn with us, the registration process is very simple. Online forms are available at our Register page where you may provide us with your information. You can contact us at the details mentioned below.