Basic Quran Reading Course

slide2 is a complete guide for those who wish to excel in Qur’an reading and recitation. Through our extensive online learning platform, we have offered a number of courses for students of various cultures and linguistic backgrounds. We cater to the needs of each student according to his or her aptitude and ensure that what is being taught is comprehensive and easy to grasp.

Although beginning a language for the first time seems to be a hefty task, it can be done with ease and eloquence. The articulation of individual letters and words along with their corresponding vowels are considered an integral part of learning the Quraan.

Basic Qaida/Quran Reading Course

At, we know your requirements and also acknowledge that fluent Arabic language skills might take a while for you to develop. Keeping this in mind, we have brought together a group of highly talented educators who will help you learn basic qaida and Qur’an reading from the very core of the subject.

This course is made up of several topics that will help students recognize the letters of the Arabic alphabet. Each of the 26 letters has its particular characteristics and attributes that make up the base of this language. Therefore it is necessary that beginners go through the complete outline of the course before starting so that they are aware of the essentials.

In order to have a rhythmic speech while reciting Quran, students need to be familiar with the sounds and articulation points of letters. The basic Qaida and Koran reading course tends to make readers very fluent and smooth in their recitation.

Our tutors have been trained to work with children of all ages. They mold each course after an initial interview with the student. Even those adults who would like to learn how to read Qur’aan or those who are newcomers to Islam, are greatly encouraged to register for our online classes.

Some of the contents of this course are as mentioned below:

  • Introduction to Arabic letters, vowels and sounds
  • Formation of words
  • Characteristics of individual and combined letters
  • Concepts of reading words in phrases
  • Starting and stopping on certain endpoints during sentence reading
  • Articulation points of letters for understanding of Tajweed (which is explained in detail in another course)

Besides the outline briefed above, our competent teachers also strive to help students become regular in Qur’an reading. This is necessary if you want to maintain the level of recitation once established with professional help. Our basic Quran reading course is indeed a great help for beginners to excel in proper reading of Koran. However, Tajweed rules and advanced concepts of recitation must also be studied at least once. You can register for the Tajweed course as well. If you already have an idea of basic Arabic, you may skip the Qaida course and opt for tajweed.