Our Online Quran Teachers

online-quran-teacher-uk-usaWhy join another institute when all your educational needs can be taken care of from your own home? Yes, that’s right. You can study with the help of an online Quran tutor. All that you will need includes: a computer, headphone with mic and a stable internet connection.

The continuously\ growing trend of online learning has gained popularity among Muslims all over the world. These are capable and determined students who have the will to study and increase their knowledge of Islam, the Qur’an and Sunnah. Such brilliant and talented young men and women have taken help from professional online educators in the various fields of Islamic Studies. These include the study of Tajweed, Koran, Hadith and general practices or teachings of Islam.

One of the prominent reasons that make learningquranlive an ideal place for all students is the availability of exceptional teachers who excel in their respective disciplines. They are the pride of our Qur’aan learning academy and it is due to their efforts that we claim ourselves as a professional online service.

Be it Hadith, Quran Hifz, basic Islamic teachings or tafseer, our online school offers all sorts of courses that are adjustable depending on your current skills and aptitude. With the assistance of our versatile and genuinely certified tutors, the target you wish to achieve will be in your grasp earlier than you may have imagined.

The teachers we have hired are very flexible, responsible, punctual and diligent. They believe in struggle and strife to have a positive impact on their students who in turn are greatly influenced by the tutors. No doubt, a classroom is the best place to learn and progress. However, the concept of one-on-one teaching lessons has proven to be very successful in helping all categories of students. Those who would usually get left behind in a class can now ask all types of questions that come to mind during the online study period. With a personal tutor, students can rely on their own intellect and memory to keep all lessons and activity in mind before and after each class. Group sessions such as regular classes usually have students depending on others for their support during quizzes or exams.

Knowing that you yourself are solely responsible for keeping track of your progress as well as lessons, it helps you stay focused on the work at hand. Students become more independent and tend to find solutions to problems on their own. This is what actually leads to confident, reassured individuals who go on to represent admirable titles such as Hafiz-e-Qur’an.

If you are looking for experienced teachers, wait no longer. Join one of our exclusive courses at learningquranlive.com