Quran Reading With Tajweed Course


Yet another incredible course taught at learningquranlive.com is the Qur’an Reading with Tajweed course. This particular course targets those individuals who already have some knowledge of Arabic and can read basic words, phrases and sentences with ease. Since tajweed is a concept that takes extra practice plus help from a live tutor, it is considered the next step in learning the accurate recitation of the Holy Koran.

Quran Reading with Tajweed

Onlinequranclasses.co.uk is where you have access to studying tajweed with excellence alongside outstanding tutors to guide you. The Quran Reading with Tajweed Course is not only an introductory course to tajweed but also includes very intricate but firm examples of correct recitation.

We are here to help you become more flawless in your reading skills. As the Holy Quran is the most sacred book there is, it deserves to be read in a way that glorifies its distinction. That way is the same manner taught by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Although specific rules did not exist during his time, they became necessary afterwards due to the interracial communities that developed over the course of history.

Tajweed revolves around the exact articulation points of different Arabic letters and how they are used within sentences. Each and every alphabet has its own method of pronunciation and step by step we shall cover all these concepts, In Sha Allah.

There are numerous symbols and points of pausation, elongation, stopping etc that a reader must know in order to recite with precision. All of these different rules can only be understood with practical examples given via live tutoring sessions.

At many places in the Holy Quran, the reader must be silent for certain letters. These instances are not impossible to recognize. There are specific symbols for such silence during recitation. Letters on their own have a unique sound whereas when appearing in combination, they possess other attributes.

An overview of some topics covered in this course includes:

  • Intro to tajweed concepts
  • Special letters
  • full letters, open letters
  • The rules of stopping
  • The rules of merging
  • The rules of lengthening
  • Articulation points and methods for all letters

Several rules are involved in the process and with help from our expert teachers, you and other students will learn to read the Koran in the same manner observed by the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

As long as you have a computer, headset/mic and internet connection, you can register with us. Books and additional material are not required as the tutor will provide you with all necessary notes if needed.

For the consistency and progress of our online academy (which includes our students) we regularly update and revise course content. Trends in education and the methods of teaching are changing at a constant rate. This is why it is our responsibility to offer you quality teaching standards that meet the academic criteria of today.