How to start basic Quran reading?
Procedure for basic Quran reading:
Start with 3 Free Trial Classes.
Learn Quran from basics from live Quran Tutor.
Start with Qaida, and then proceed to Quran reading with tajweed.
Now you can learn Quran at home from qualified Quran Tutor.
Start with three day free online trial classes.

Basic Quran Reading

Always aim to achieve the better QUALITY rather than the quantity!
It is logically understood that one wanting to learn about a faith would be starting by reading its most basic holy text. For some people, however, the Quran can be difficult to sit down and read from word to word. The revelation was given over the past period of decades and each verse comprises a particular scriptural and the historical context. The themes of the Quran are blended together among the chapters and the book is also not arranged in order of time of occurrence. So how does one begin to understand its message?

Our online Quran course includes:
Arabic Alphabets, Arabic letter shapes and connecting the two or more letters.
Vowels signs, prolongation and double consonant.
The correct pronunciations of points of articulation, letters and attributes (Makhraij).
Full or partial assimilation, basic “Tajweed” rules, silent letters (Idgham).
Practice the pages of Holy Qur’an given by the tutor.

Gaining basic knowledge of the faith is a good work
Before proceeding somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers, on a study of the Qur’an, it is necessary to have some basic background knowledge in the faith of Islam. This will be helpful to you for making your foundation strong from which to start and get some understanding of the vocabulary and message from the Qur’an.
This online program is split into lessons which can be studied at one’s own interest, taking as long as is necessary on any particular lesson before heading to the next lessons.
Please resist from rushing ahead in lessons before you have mastered the lesson. If you find you are having difficulty in knowing certain sounds or letters, this is an indication of your progress that you are moving too fast ahead, so slow down or revert to previous lessons.
Once you have consumed the time and all your efforts to master the basics of Quran, Insha’Allah you will gain fluent and correct recitation of the Quran easily. Please do not compromise on the quality at the risk of achieving the quantity, as surely the quality is far more important.
You should note in mind, that you will be learning to recite online Quran through implementing some of the basic rules of tajweed without at this stage come known to those rules. This can be followed later Insha’Allah.
The ideal way is that in which to learn Quran and how to read Quran with Tajweed, is under the guidance of a qualified tutor so that help can be given to you, regarding correct pronunciation and mistakes are corrected. The importance of this cannot be under estimated simply because of the requirement to be corrected and heard.