Quran Hifz Course


Have you ever thought of becoming a Hafiz? There are countless Muslims everywhere who wish to memorize the Holy Quran but hesitate due to so many reasons. You need to know that no one can stop you or hinder your process when you are memorizing the most beautiful Holy Scripture there is. All you really need is a will to set forth and the determination to succeed.

Learningquranlive.com is the platform where you can achieve your truest desire of learning the Quraan. It is our immense pleasure to bring you a sophisticated range of courses that meet your Islamic education standards. We cater to the needs of interested students who wish to learn: Arabic reading, Qur’an recitation with tajweed, memorization (Hifz) Qur’aan and the essential teachings of Islam.

The outlines for each course are quite extensive and segmented in a way that offers easy learning for every student regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. Each course has been developed, reviewed and certified by professional teachers owing degrees in various fields.

Hifz Qur’an

One of our core subjects offered here include the Hifz Quran or Memorization course. Prerequisites involve the ability to fluently read Arabic literature and differentiate between sounds, pronunciations, pauses, stops and silences during recitation. If you already have these skills, you simply have to initiate with the Hifz Quran course. Otherwise, it is recommended that you first attain the major concepts of tajweed and reading so that the process of memorization can be simplified for you.

Many people are of the view that memorizing such a Divine Book would take them too much time or would not last long in their heads. However, this is just a thought. Practically, once you have mastered the technique of memorization, you will become a Hafiz within less than a year or even over the course of several months. It all depends on how well you perceive the Holy Quraan and its text.

Being a full time learning center, learningquranlive.com has exactly what you are looking for. Our tutors are diverse in their qualifications and can handle students very well. No matter which age group you belong to, studying with us will be a source of peace, satisfaction and success for you and the whole family.

A live session between the teacher and student is very efficient in helping both of them move at a steady and regular pace. You just need to be online every day for at least half an hour and at a suitable time. Make sure your internet connection is good enough for online communication through software such as Skype or GoToMeeting.

Enroll yourself now by clicking on the registration link given below. For queries and suggestions, please visit our contact information page.